An Anniversary and An Announcement

Poetry is a good way to celebrate an anniversary, to make an announcement, and especially to do both things at once.

Today is the second anniversary of my book’s release, and I also have an announcement to make. The situation was crying out for a poem, but I’m no poet. My poetry was modest to begin with, but ever since I parodied Hamlet’s soliloquies in a Pioneer Boulevard story, it’s not even modest. Thanks to Hamlet’s revenge, I had to ask my assistant to come up with something. She’d once confessed that she writes the odd verse, and I never forget a confession like that.

My assistant said she’d try, and her tone didn’t sound hopeful. I found that troubling. I have yet to hear her say “I’ll try,” and I’ve never heard her sound so hopeless before. From the time I hired her until she left on Friday evening, she has always displayed the “positive, can-do attitude” on her resume. It’s what I hired her for, in fact. Everything else on the resume was a well-worn cliché.

Regardless of their attitude, I don’t expect my staff to work on weekends. More to the point, I don’t trust the muse of the odd verse. So to be safe, I wrote a brief sentence wishing my book a happy anniversary and making my announcement. It’s what I’d have published had my assistant not come up with something immediately upon waking up this morning.

Believe it or not, at a time of day when I cannot write anything, let alone the odd verse, my assistant actually wrote a sonnet! Since it makes no reference to Pioneer Boulevard (I’ve yet to come across a poem that does), I tweaked the sentence I’d written and inserted it under the title. I hope my prose won’t ruin her poetry.



Composed after the Manner of a Sonnet, on the Occasion of the Second Anniversary of the Publication of her First Book, and serving as an Announcement for a Forthcoming Story.

The day before the Fourth of July,
A new story with a high
And noble theme will appear
On the blog you hold so dear.
Collected Thoughts is its name,
And the address remains the same:—
It’s where great stories are published from!

We wish all hope and peace and joy
To every girl and every boy,
And also to their mom and dad.
As for those who have had
A difficult month of June:
Cheer up, July Third is COMING SOON!!!

A Portrait of the Author


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